Faux Drawer DIY Double Bathroom Vanity


How to Build a Faux Drawer DIY Double Bathroom Vanity *This post was sponsored by Build Something.  See disclosure policy for details.  This post also contains affiliate links. I love a good drawer as much as anyone.  They’re cute, they’re practical, they’re fun to make. . But, despite all the pros about drawers, there are also plenty of cons.  Drawers require more hardware than doors (which can be pricey), and they also require more wood to make than doors.  But…

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If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram, you may have caught bits and pieces, and you may know that we are building a new home!! . BUT, it’s a little more complicated than “just building a home” and I’ve been getting LOTS of questions.  So I am going to try to keep all the details together on my blog for those who are interested.  So here we are 🙂  Blog Post #1 on this new adventure.  There is a…

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DIY Wooden Stove Top Cover


Have you ever looked around your kitchen and thought to yourself how big of a waste of counter space your stove is when it’s not in use?  I mean, maybe you use your stove more than I use mine…which, based on the amount of frozen pizza in our freezer, that’s likely HA!  BUT, still, when you aren’t using it, all your stove is doing is collecting dust, crumbs, and crud…and taking up 2 1/2 ft of counter top. . But,…

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How to build your own two tone DIY modern wall clock Raise your hand if you actually use your wall clocks for telling time!! . I didn’t raise my hand… . What?! I know…I never look to my wall clocks when I want to know the time.  I’m also the person who will wear a watch but when asked the time, I’ll spend five minutes digging my phone out of my purse to find out.  I just never think to…

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DIY Modern Two Drawer Nightstand

We’ve moved SEVERAL times in the last few years, but this last time was rather odd.  I literally sold almost everything we had so we didn’t have to move it.  Then, RIGHT BEFORE WE PACKED UP THE SHOP, I built a brand new DIY modern bedroom set with two oversized DIY modern nightstands and a queen size bed. . WHAT?! Why in the world? . I dunno.  I mean, I think I just panicked.  I was afraid I’d be without…

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We are in the middle of summer.  And while I don’t have any children of my own, I once was a child (many years ago), so I know how annoying antsy kids can be when they are out of school and starting to get “bored.”  Give your kids a place to hang out, be creative, and stay off your dining room table/kitchen counter/living room floor with this easy to build DIY kids play table and chairs! This is a great…

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DIY Simple Vintage Inspired Dresser

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YOU GUYS!  I can’t even with all the cuteness!  Doesn’t this little vintage inspired DIY dresser give you all the heart eyes?? But, if that’s not enough, just a few extra steps can take this dresser and make it a DIY changing table, too!!  (Speaking of changing tables, I’ve got free plans for another style changing table here) This post was sponsored by Build Something, Kreg Tool’s website for free furniture building plans from small to large and for every…

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